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Find the best resume templates available online

Find The Best Resume Templates Available Online

With over 40 resume templates to select from, you have a wide variety
of options when it comes to choosing the resume template
that best matches your career goals.

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Why use a resume template?

You work hard. Your resume should reflect that. Unless you’re in the business of resume design, you’re better off spending your time drafting the best way to explain your skills and experience to really wow a hiring manager.

Using a resume template allows you to do just that. We take the hard part out and allow you to fit all the great experience you have into a single document. And as an added bonus, your resume will be ready for every applicant tracking system it will have to run through.

Why use RescueMyResumes

Get the most out of your resume template by following these tips

Think carefully about the job to which you are applying. You may feel a pull to a modern or creative design, but it may not fit the company to which you’re applying. You want your resume template to highlight your skills, not distract. With so many options, you have room to be as selective as you want.
Our templates help you organize your skills and experience, but you know which important keywords to include in order to stand out. Be sure to use action verbs to describe your experience and use industry keywords when describing your skills and qualifications.
Our templates are built with an ATS in mind, so each section is very important. Check out samples or ask a friend or colleague (more on that in a bit!) if you can’t think of anything to include. You don’t get much space, so think about all of your skills, qualifications, and experience and make sure you take advantage of every part of your resume to highlight how qualified a candidate you are.
The only thing worse than a blank section on a resume is a lie. Lying is a surefire way to burn professional bridges, so keep your resume honest. If you’re lacking experience necessary for a role, think of ways you can spin your qualifications. Don’t know how to use a specific software program? Saying something such as “Proven ability to adapt to new software” spins without lying.
Did we mention our premium editing features are free? Take advantage! Your resume should highlight your skills and qualifications exactly the way you want. Move sections around, change fonts or make any edits necessary to create the resume that will help you land your dream job.
When recruiters and hiring managers look at resumes, they often give it a quicker scan than most applicants would like. Make sure they see only what’s important by including only what’s important. You don’t want the one takeaway from your resume to be a summer job from five years ago that’s completely unrelated to your current career path.
Even though you can quickly create a resume using one of our templates, the reality is that when you really want a job, you spend a lot of time working on your resume to make it perfect. Sometimes you can be too focused and miss some important information that you should include. Other times you gloss over some obvious mistakes. Asking a trusted colleague or a friend to look at your resume can be a great way to catch those things that would have escaped you.
Before you click submit, double and triple check that you’ve caught all the spelling and grammar errors in your resume. Our templates set you up for success, but a tiny typo can be a massive red flag to potential employers. At the same time, sending in a completely clean resume can demonstrate your attention to detail—a great skill for any job.
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