Tips for Getting Your Resume Started

Are you the type that has never met a task you couldn’t put off until tomorrow?  Maybe you like to use the fact that you always did your best (high school) work the night before as justification for your adult tardiness?  Or perhaps there just pretty much isn’t anything you can think of enjoying less than the prospect of whipping up a professional resume. Whether you’re a justifier or an honest putt-er-offer, it’s a simple fact that if you don’t have a shiny and modern written documentation of your skills, education, and achievements ready to present to prospective employers then you are woefully behind in the job hunt game.

Don’t get all gloom and doom on us now.  The good news is that if you’re still reading here you’re ready to take the first step on your to resume avoidance counseling.  If you’re ready to acknowledge your status as a serial resume procrastinator then read on. We’ve got tips to bust you out of your old, bad routine, to help get that resume started.  

Set Some Goals

Even the most epic of journeys begins with a small initial step.  Starting out in your career is a pretty epic adventure and one that could set you up for a lifetime of fulfillment and success if you play your cards right.  If you’re suffering from resume-paralysis, don’t think of the drafting process as something that needs to be overcome.

Instead of beating yourself up over what you haven’t done, try to set a deadline for completion and make yourself a timeline of smaller tasks along the way.  Keep your goals positive to help psych yourself up. Instead of “finish resume” try writing down dates by which you’d like to start searching for new positions, applying for openings and ultimately starting a new job.  This will give you a nature resume completion date that seems less like a chore and more like the start to an exciting new career path.

Make an Outline

Not to harp on our analogy, but every journey deserves a solid roadmap to success.  Your resume is no exception to this much overused (but true) sage advice. Instead of plowing through your resume drafting, start out by compiling relevant dates and making a list of prior jobs and applicable experience.  Try grouping this information into piles or electronic folders to help organize your thoughts and data. Your next step should be coming up with a basic format and style of resume with broad headers, ready for you to plug and play your personalizations.  One of the biggest hiccups to crafting a killer resume is not knowing where to start. With a little planning ahead of time you can overcome a fear of the unknown and help jumpstart your resume crafting.

Work in Stages

No great masterpiece was ever created overnight.  Much the same can be said for drafting a professional CV, especially for those suffering from the plight of procrastination.  Instead of making yourself finish a first draft all in one setting, plan on working on the document over several days or a week or more.  Taking a small amount of time daily can help beat any sense of being overwhelmed by the task ahead. Just remember to save your work often and keep at your drafting on a regular, consistent basis.

When All Else Fails: Get Professional Help

Let’s face the facts.  Even the best of us have to admit failure in their personal and professional endeavors from time to time.  If you’re struggling with when, where, why and how to start crafting your resume it may be time to call in the reinforcements.  Professional resume building software, such as that offered by, can help beat the job-seeker’s writers’ block when it comes to getting that first resume draft done.  

Rescue my Resumes offers free, professional help in drafting an executive worthy CV.  Choose from hundreds of common and industry-specific templates or start from scratch. Whichever path you choose you’re sure to find comfort and procrastination busting inspiration in professional help and review tools designed to guide even the most reluctant career seeker along their way.  Whether you’re a resume building novice or a seasoned pro, rescue my resumes can help you get started on drafting or revamping a professional and modern career making document. Try us out today and find out what everyone’s talking about when it comes to beating the resume writing procrastination bug and getting on with applying, and scoring, that job of your dreams.


  • My cousin really wants to get her resume put together, so that she can get the job she wants. She would really like to get some help from a professional to make sure that it can be written correctly. It was interesting to learn about how she can overcome a fear of the unknown by planning ahead of time.

  • It’s great to learn that you should group information together when brainstorming a resume. My brother is wanting to make his resume better and he was wondering how he could start writing a better one. I’ll be sure to tell him to group information together when brainstorming his resume.

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