Four Creative Tips for Getting Your Resume Out There

Unless you’ve been hiding under a social media rock for the last few weeks, by now you’ve probably heard the literal rags to riches story of David Casarez.  The Silicon Valley-based engineer and web developer found himself homeless after a move to the bar area from Texas didn’t pan out as well or quickly as possible.  Rather than give up, however, the entrepreneurial young man put on his suit and stood on a busy street corner and handed out his resume to any and all who would accept.  The result was more job offers than the candidate knew what to do with. With companies from Apple to LinkedIn to entertainment behemoth Netflix lining up to offer him a job, David’s suit is sure to be put to use in the future during the interview process.

Young would be employees looking for their big break would do well to learn from David’s story.  We’re not advocating for job-seekers to run out to claim the hot new streetcorner for distribution of your CV but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with traditional, dyed in the wool approaches to shopping your resume.  There are plenty of other innovative outlets that may see big returns in your job search. Below we lay out four creative tips for getting your resume out there and into the hands of prospective employers.

Social Networking is Here

Some of you may be old enough to remember when Facebook was just that site that moms used when they didn’t like all that flashy music and color on MySpace.  If your view of online networking is limited to early interactions with the Friendly “Tom”, we’re here to clue you in.

Professional networking websites are now one of the major sources for recruiters and companies looking to hire top talent.  Hiring professionals often scour profiles on LinkedIn and similar websites, searching for experience and skill sets that fit the bill.  Failing to keep a snazzy, professional and updated resume attached to your profile is throwing away an easy, no hassle opportunity to connect.  Afterall, why do all the work on your own when you can attract employers directly by putting your resume out there.

Don’t Overlook the Personal Touch

Just because online networking is on the rise, however, doesn’t mean it’s the only game in town.  Traditional person to person networking remains a solid way to introduce yourself and perhaps even exchange a resume or two with like-minded colleagues.  

We’re not saying to bust out a manilla folder full of cv’s at the next young professionals happy hour get together.  The only thing that kind of move is likely to get you is stuck with the bar tab.

Instead, try searching for local meetups that focus on networking and resume exchanges.  Joining industry societies, social clubs, or think tanks is also a strong way to make connections with those in your desired field.  Subtly drop a line about searching for a new gig after you’ve broken the ice and you’ll inevitably get a contact with a business card or two willing to help get your name out there.  Follow up with an email after the fact and a pdf attachment and you’ll save a tree and potentially land an interview at the same time.

Go Back to School

If just reading the heading to our next creative resume circulating idea gave you flashbacks of sleepless nights spent cramming for midterms, here us out.  We’re not talking enrolling for additional education titles or adding a major in art history into the mix. However your high school, undergraduate or graduate school alma mater will typically have a long list of networking contacts available for making connections and distributing resumes.

High employment rates and well-placed graduates benefit a school’s reputation and fundraising bottom line.  Regardless of the educational level, most schools maintain a solid alumni division ready, willing and able to help you find a new gig.  Reach out to your school and explore the resources they have at hand. Even a mentorship program with an older or more experienced alumni could lead to your resume getting into the right hands at the right time.  So get back to school, or at least send an email, and take advantage of available opportunities.

Rekindle Old Friendships

While we’re on the subject of blast from the past, our last creative resume distribution tip involves dusting off the old Rolodex.  If you’re looking to land a new job, start sorting through your contacts list to find old workmates, bosses and former reports. Reach out with an offer for dinner or coffee or share an interesting and industry-specific article or event they may be interested in.  Along similar lines, if you left a prior employer on good terms for advancement opportunities, don’t be afraid to check out their open positions. While some companies have policies against hiring those who have left, others would be perfectly happy to take back a former great employee and bring them on in a role that might not have been available when the originally departed.

But First, Get Your Resume in Order…

While our tips for creative ways to get your resume out and working may be useful, they won’t do you all that good if what you’re passing out isn’t top notch.  Having a professional resume ready to go at a moment’s notice is a critical element when you’re actively searching for a new position. Rescue my Resumes is here to help.  No matter your current resume status, will help craft your information into a professional format perfect for your industry and experience. Head on over today and give the free and easy to use templates a try.  Once you have a stunning history of your skills and experience in hand you’ll be ready to put out handy advice to real-world practice and will be that much closer to a killer job and career.

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