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How to create a resume you can be proud of in 10 minutes

Why does writing a resume have to be stressful? With Rescue My Resume’s free resume builder the days of procrastinating from writing your resume are over.

Whether you are starting fresh with your resume or just trying to improve on what you already have, the process simple. With our tips, you will know what hiring managers are searching for while having the added benefit of using a professional template that is ATS friendly.

Get a head start on the competition and get access to new and growing features all without paying a dime.

40+ Professional Resume Templates

Need some inspiration? Use our job specific examples

Having trouble with filling out your resume? Does your resume capture the best experiences to make employers notice you?

Take some thinking out of the equation by checking out our job specific examples. We have thousands of tips and examples that have been made specific for hundreds of jobs spanning multiple industries.

Like what we wrote? Simply add it to your resume with one click and make it your own. See what employers are looking for and surface the right content in your resume.

Want to know just how many tips and examples we have?

Over 5000 Pre-written Examples
More than 2000 Different Jobs with Samples

One click formatting

Our resume builder does all the heavy lifting. Make massive formatting changes in a flash with just the click of a button.

Quickly change your template, font, spacing, and more in real time before downloading. Want your resume to have a specific look? Customizable your resume to your preference.

After all, it is not only your experiences and accomplishments that make a resume unique. Our tools give you the power to personalize our templates to fit your needs.

Quickly change fonts, margins, spacing and more!

Free downloads to Word and PDF

Share your resume with the world and do it your way. We give you options.

Download your resume for free as a Word or PDF file and keep it on hand to send to employers. Don’t worry if you lose the file, your resume will be saved to your profile so you can make changes in the future.

Want to get quick feedback from a friend? You can also send your new resume via email straight from our builder.

Our templates are ATS friendly and any file that is downloaded from our site is yours to keep.

Why should you choose Rescue My Resumes?

Unlike our competitors, our site is completely free from start to finish. We don’t even have a payment system set up so you couldn’t even pay us if you wanted to. Don’t fall for sites that claim to be free but then make you pay a subscription right before you try to download! At Rescue My Resumes we don’t want your money. We just want to help you make an awesome resume that will get you hired. Learn what employers are looking for and present your best self.

Why should you choose Rescue My Resumes?

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